Everyone wants to know what's up next and the answers anything & everything. The scripts are following movie production on the way. The score is being compiled & the artist are creating some fire for the project.

 Jam & Butter from Riverside is our best seller compared to apple butter at Texas Road House you might need some for your home!

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The Projects for 2016

Okie Man Cave Art

MarkO Kane

Okie MosQ. Killer


My Organics Mart

Oklahoma Home Keeping

Qeticential Quotes

& much much more!

Welcome to the Projects! A.C. 1st that is!

The best is here. Please check out our diverse arrangement of services and products. You will be amazed at the resources & skills you can obtain through this site. The Projects was built in 2008 and has never looked back.

It was a long road to get this message to you today but the lessons along the way have been very valuable.  Help continue the growth with your talents. Lets discuss this further, email us with your input!

From screenplays to fruit cultivation we have our hands in it. We have no bounds but enough resources to claim our worth. How many independently owned small business can make that claim? Not to many. Started in the recession we devoured the thirst. The out put was heaven sent & we are blessed to have made it this far.

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