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The green print will be next. The blue print is just a base a structure hold on the foundation. When built the print will either rise or fall. Since failure is not a option the light remains green in the efforts to go!

The Blue Print

AC First projects leans to the left and stays ahead of the curve. This is all in part to bring you the ultimate experience. To value & view life as full or accomplished, we strive to outdo ourselves everyday.

Currently we have a massive amount of projects going but there are plenty on the back burner including new film ideas, new a.i. software and renovations to the riverside Sand Plums orchard. The quest is on, your job is merely to keep up.

We don't claim to be perfectionist, but something of the sort. We don't strive for perfection because its unachievable. We strive for excellence in the pursuit of perfection. This is shown through art, music, & the total productive output of this company.

 No group works the hours we do and we want to show you what its all for. This is a blue print to the map of notoriety and clarity. Hopes will be built with the success maintained through our work ethic.

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