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Okie MosQ. Killer

An all natural application process to apply to the exterior and interior to get rid of pests activity. In particular Mosquitoes.

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My organics mart

Your online famers market give you information on new produce locally & naturally grown.

You can pick your new favorite farmer and be updated with his current crop for the freshest meals. Check it out today!

Products/ Projects

The name stands for Always Come In first Projects. And we are here to prove just such. Here is a modified list of upcoming projects and future releases.

Riverside Sand Plums

Also known as Sand Plum heaven. The largest Sand Plum harvest in The U.S. Riverside Sand Plums sell fruit, trees, seeds, jam & butter. Sand Plums are virtually a miracle fruit that has with standed the harsh weather in Oklahoma including the dust bowl. Order today! The flavor is unlike anything you have tasted.

Marko Kane

The new A.I. computing software that uses the internet to formulate calculations of future events by a specific algorithm & data.  The software after review with a few quality test will take on a new asce-tic form. Follow the updates on the website or through our YouTube channel.

Oklahoma Home Keeping

The favorite resource for people looking for good deep clean in the Oklahoma area.  We have our own products & all of our cleaners are licensed and pass a background check. Call today and receive half off your first cleaning!

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