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We have a range of projects to showcase from, screenplays to organic sand plums. We never give you anything but the best. Let us be the standard.

One of this weeks feature is one of our favorites. It has been a project for years and it has finally finished developing.
 Our new product is an application called Okie Mosquito Killer, which is an organic treat for mosquitoes.

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Do you have questions? Need answers? We have all been there. But where we will take you many couldn't fathom to go!

We want to thank you for your interest in A.C. 1st Projects L.L.C. . We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Fill free to email us so we can get you the information you need.


You have allot to look at and plenty more coming. that's why we are named the projects. A collective of ideas  that help improve your well being. Always Come in 1st Projects sticks by its name. Call us today!


Don't forget to ask our representative about all of our new projects & how you can become involved?

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